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There's plenty of websites to stream free movies and TV series online. Use the search above for the best option, but we've compiled a list of some of the most popular ways to watch movies and TV shows online for free. Check them out!


  • Easy to use interface: The user interface of 123movies is straightforward and clear and makes it very easy for users to navigate through their choice of entertainment. Whatever movie or TVshow you're interested in downloading or streaming directly online, with 123movies, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3.
  • Large Content Database: The movies available for streaming and download on 123movies are very many. There is an inexhaustible database of TV Shows and Movies available on 123movies. The best, popular and newest movies are available for download and streaming on 123movies at any time, and from anywhere. I call it unlimited entertainment on the Go!
  • Free to use: This is probably the most important feature of 123movies. The ability to have the best of entertainment from all genres and makers. While a lot of services offer these movies and TV shows at a cost or within a subscription, 123movies offers is absolutely free of charge. This is why it is among the top favourite for users.
  • HD quality movies: 123movies offers its media contents for streaming and downloading at very good qualities. You can also download or stream your choice of TV shows and movies at HD quality or lesser qualities as you please. The qualities offered by 123movies include HD, HD-Rip, Blu-ray, Cam and so on.


  • Available at zero cost: You don't need any subscription or any form of payment. All you need to use Soap2Day is to visit their website at or download their app on a supported device, go through their easy and straightforward registration process and you'll be delivered straight into the open field of amazing entertainment experience. Talk about free and awesome, talk about Soap2Day.
  • Awesome interface: Soap2Day app has an interface that's similar to Netflix, and this is why it is considered a clone of Netflix. If you've ever seen the interface of Netflix, you'll know it's straightforward and easy to navigate. This easy to navigate interface offered to users by Soap2Day makes it a top users choice destination for free movies and shows.
  • Trusted Quality: The rendering and download quality of available media on Soap2Day are always excellent. They even offer you the opportunity to access the shows and movies you love in an HD quality. Are you thinking in line with me? This is top quality delivery at no cost, I'm wowed!
  • Regular update of latest titles: If there's a newly released movie or TV show, it gets quickly added to the available titles on Soap2Day in no time, making it the first destination for latest titles. Additionally, Soap2Day has a large and ever-increasing number of movies and TV shows.


  • Easy access: You don't need special technical know-how or tool to access the movies123 servers and relax to a good and fun time with TV shows and movies. All you need is an active internet connection and the link to the website, and you have entertainment from all over the world at your reach, right there in your comfort zone.
  • Free of any chargese: No charges at all! Absolutely free service. Access all your choice movies and TV shows, comedy, tragic-endings, popular, unpopular, romance, sci-fi, educational, whatever your choice is, you can have it free of charge from movies123.
  • Easy interface: Not just free to use, movies123 is also easily navigable. It has a simplistic, mature, modern and straightforward design that gives users all the access they need to the best of the best movies and TV shows without any hitch or complicated process.
  • Unlimited movies: When I say unlimited, believe me. Movies123 has a catalogue of movies that you just can't exhaust. You just keep watching and streaming through the available movies and TV shows until you are tired of it. It is unlimited entertainment at its peak. All you ever want, all the movie you ever dream of, from different makers, on a single platform and available for download or streaming in one place. Who doesn't love the sound of that?!
  • Updated with new movies: As quick as you can complete spelling out the name, movies123, the platform is being updated with new movies and TV Shows as they launch or premiere. Any new movie or TV show gets added to the movies123 playlist in a matter of hours, for the users to watch- download or stream, as they like.


  • No registration required: We all know the cost of the subscription to pay-TV streaming services like the Amazon Prime, Netflix and others. 123moviesfree, however, offers you an absolutely free streaming service on your device at any time you want. A free video-on-demand and streaming service, that's awesome.
  • Access to millions of movies and TV shows: With the 123moviesfree app on your device, no matter the movie it is you want, there's a 90% chance you'll get it for free on 123moviesfree. It boasts a large collection of recent and classical movies, blockbusters and non-blockbusters, popular or not, A-rated, B-rated, C-rated and all. As long as the movie exists, you can definitely check it out on 123moviesfree.
  • Minimal Ads: Free services usually make use of Ads to generate revenue. Have you been up with an interesting video on YouTube and you get shown a couple of Ads, between your video at different intervals? That's how most free services survive and we can't blame them you know, they need to earn a little revenue to keep afloat. With 123moviesfree, however, you really do not need to worry too much about being disturbed with Ads during a movie.
  • High Definition Videos: You get to select your choice of quality whenever you are streaming or downloading movies and shows from 123moviesfree. You can stream your choice video at excellent qualities including in HD.

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